How do I checkout with Shop Fetch?


  • When you are finished shopping, tap the Cart/Checkout icon at the bottom of the screen.

Note: if there’s an exclamation point next to the Cart/Checkout icon, there is at least one item that needs to be weighed before you can proceed to checkout.

  • Your cart will appear so you can review the items for accuracy and adjust the quantities as needed.
  • When ready, tap on “Start Checkout”. If you have enough points to spend, you be given a list of available items from your cart on which you can spend points, if you want. Select what you want to get for free, by tapping on the tile(s). If you want to undo using points on an item, simply tap the same item to remove the points before proceeding to checkout.
  • When finished, tap on “Checkout” to proceed to the barcode screen. Show it to the cashier to scan and then pay as normal.

Time saving Tip:

  • Double check the items in your Shop Fetch cart and let the cashier know if you had troubles scanning any items.

Can I set up mobile payments through my Fetch account?

  • At this time, Shop Fetch is not set up for Apple Pay or Android Pay, so we do not store any payment information.


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