How do I purchase weighed produce or bulk items?

Shop Fetch Barcode Signs:

  • There will be a Shop Fetch sign near produce items (and items that don't have a barcode) with a barcode. Scan the barcode and select the item you are wanting to purchase from the list that appears.
  • You will know if you have any pay-by-weight items in your cart when there’s an exclamation point (!) over the Cart/Checkout icon at the bottom of the screen. Those items will also have a red “Weigh Me!” flag indicating this right it’s been entered into your cart.

Not all produce is considered to be weighable and is sold per item.

  • Locate one of the digital Shop Fetch scales and place an item on the scale. Scan the barcode that appears on the display screen. Select the item you weighed from the list of items shown. Tap “Set Weight” to apply it to that item. Repeat this process for all weighable items.

Time-saving Tip:

  • If buying many produce items, scan all pay-by-weight items, and then make one trip to the Shop Fetch scale.
  • After all weighable items in your cart have been weighed, the exclamation point will go away. You can then continue with your shopping trip or proceed to checkout.



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